Family Tree Publishing was born when author Pam Robbins began telling stories about the animals she saw around her community to her grandchildren. The name of the business comes from a beautiful old Palo Verde tree near the place where the family goes to swim. All of Pam’s stories got their start in beautiful conversations, experiences, and storytelling with her children and grandchildren. She is excited to share these gentle kid-approved tales with you and your family!

Meet the Author

Author Dr. Pamela Hallmark Robbins spent more than four decades working in all aspects of Pre-K through 12 education and holds a Ed.D. in education leadership with an emphasis in reading intervention and literacy education. She spent more than 20 years teaching in early childhood classrooms and middle schools, and she also spent a significant portion of her career teaching new teachers and helping struggling schools make improvements through literacy labs. She knows from firsthand experience the importance of relatable books that make learning fun!

Equally important, Pam is also a mother and a grandmother who honed her storytelling skills through her adventures and experiences with her children and grandchildren. Based in Phoenix, AZ, Pam takes her inspiration from nature, real life events, observations, and the people she encounters. Pam’s stories are family-oriented, lovingly created adventures that inspire laughter and fun while they help readers learn about nature, and acquire knowledge about the world around them.

Meet the Illustrator

Illustrator Eduardo Paj is the artistic creator behind more than 35 successful children’s books. Based in Mexico City, Eduardo pours his love for beautiful art and his passion for family into each illustration he creates. The result is a breathtaking series of images that captures the minds of children and adults alike.