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It Was Time

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When spring insisted - it was time, the cycle of spring turning into summer began across the southwest, and a burst of energy and color appeared everywhere across the land. The call to the pollinators has been heard and the pollination cycle begins. The caterpillars have turned to chrysalises and butterflies emerge, the bees buzz around their hives, as the hummingbirds, and other insects and birds go to work. The splendor of spring unfolds color and new life, and the busy pollinators have their jobs to complete. Read along as nature renews and replenishes to support a strong ecosystem.
Grades K-12 all ages

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8.5 x 8.5"

Reader's Favorite Reviews

“The author has a beautiful way of simplifying the concept of pollination so that everyone can grasp it.”

"I really appreciated the author's approach to teaching a complicated process that might be hard for young readers to understand; such a unique concept is explained easily.”

“The wonderful pictures that appear on each page truly demonstrate the hard work that went into creating them. This book managed to surprise me while I was turning the pages since I was so taken with the graphics.”

“ I would definitely recommend Pamela Robbins' It Was Time to both adults and children to help them better understand the seasons and appreciate the joy of spring.”

Eduardo Paj

"I believe that the most precious moment occurs when all your ideas come to life and you are able to see the characters appear in front of your eyes."

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