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Harrison and the Hummingbird

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Harrison and the Hummingbird is a beautifully illustrated story of a hummingbird’s startling encounter with the family’s feline. Crafted with rich vocabulary, this unexpected true-life adventure offers clear exposition, sequencing, and transition words in a basic introduction to the elements of literature. PreK -3

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8.5 x 8.5"

Readers' Favorite 5 Stars

Reader's Favorite Reviews

“…vivid, inviting, and delightful… children will love the large images of the animals. The words nudge the imagination as they describe Harrison’s movements… Caregivers can feel comfortable sharing the story with young children... Harrison and the Hummingbird is a book that should be read and shared…”

Eduardo Paj

"I believe that the most precious moment occurs when all your ideas come to life and you are able to see the characters appear in front of your eyes."

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